Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Urban Arts meets Full Cycle!

What an amazing couple of days! Yesterday, Full Cycle bike shop brought over all sorts of bikes for the Kid Power kids to try out.

Most of the kids were old pros at riding bikes, but for a couple, learning to ride was something new and challenging. But everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging, so the kids just learning to ride made a TON of progress!

But the best part: when the kids found a bike that fit their size and color choice, they got to KEEP IT! Well, almost. First, we got to use them for some fantastic art making. We biked back to Full Cycle today, and everything was set up and ready for us. We taped sheets of paper inside special metal frames that we set on the floor.

We used a flour sifter to sprinkle the entire paper with colored chalk - we had red, blue, blaze orange and purple! Then we were ready to make some art.

We mounted our bikes and rode across the chalk, leaving a very interesting and specific type of track... an artistic track, you could say. So artistic, in fact, we could even call it: TREAD ART! Art made from the treads of bike tires.

Both the Kid Power kids and the Full Cycle staff seemed to have a terrific time, and everyone was happy to be making art and riding bikes.

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