Wednesday, February 3, 2010

art for kids?

Sometimes I think we slip in projects just because we as teachers, interns and staff want to do them, hoping for a happy coincidence that the students will like them too. Mittens from old sweaters, cooking class, silhouettes and story-telling... nothing says winter like warm food and knitting. The students have really been loving their fibers class. Today they are finger-knitting, which one might remember from fifth grade: not being able to complete assignments or pay attention with fingers tied up in yarn. They also are finishing their mittens made from old sweaters and are getting ready to work on their next project (we'll keep you posted). Eleanor (a long-time student of ours now a fifth grader) taught her class how to crochet at her own station today. All of this yarn has been donated to us over the last year or so-- it's great to have the kids using it for its original purpose (although they've come up with a lot more uses in the meantime). Click the link on the left or the photo for instructions on how to make your own finger-knitting.

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