Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Camps at Urban Arts Academy

Summer Camps at Urban Arts Academy Ages: 6-12

We've started our summer out with a bang. We began our summer camps with Mural Madness and Cigar Box Guitars. Then continued with Backpack Creatures and Old Man Dance. We just finished last week with Archaeology class and Graffiti Skateboards. This week we are featuring African Drumming and Duct Tape.

Mural Madness

In Mural Madness we learned about different mural artists and even looked at some murals in the neighborhood. We painted two large murals as a class project and they are on view for the whole school.

Cigar Box Guitars

In Cigar Box Guitar class we learned how to make our own guitars out of simple materials. We learned how to play a few songs on our new guitars and performed for the whole school.

Backpack Creatures

In Backpack Creatures we learned how to make life size puppets/costumes. We had a monkey, a monster, a dragon, an eagle, and a wolf. We created our creatures out of paper mache, wood, nails, screws, paint, and fabric. We performed a short play for the whole school.

Old Man Dance

In Old Man Dance we made old man
masks, ponchos, canes, and learned
a dance routine that we performed for the whole school.


In Archaeology class we mummified barbies, dug in the dirt, found fossils, had an excavation for lost items. We got really dirty and made a big mess.

Graffiti Skatebo

In Graffiti Skateboards we learned
about different graffiti artists and
tagged our own skateboards and tested them in the park once they dried. I'm sure we'll be pros in no time.

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