Tuesday, July 7, 2009

all about me

This weeks summer arts camp theme is "All About Me!" Everyone is finding new ways of exploring who they are through art and imagination. The Sharks group has been making personality cubes, putting different expressions of their choosing on each side of a cube. They're also having a blast making "me-pods," person-size spaces where the creator can retreat to when they need some time to reflect. The shark Alex J. is making his into a robot - way to go for creativity, Alex! A lot of the kids are adding some papier mache aspects to their my-pods, which is always fun when you get to mess around with gooey goopy gunk.

Some groups also got to wear their chef hats today - figuratively, that is! They made flat bread and pesto, and shared their creations, too! Not everyone was a fan of the pesto, but the bread was a hit. "Did you know there's FUNGUS in here?!" said Christian, speaking, of course, of the yeast.

Today was a great success, and everyone is very ready to have a good nights sleep tonight!

And keep in mind: another person's trash is another's treasure! At Urban Arts, we are always taking in donations of art supplies and building materials. If you have something you think we might, maybe, possibly be able to use, give us a call! Chances are, we can use it!

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