Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 4: The Way We Move

This week at Urban Arts it's all about the way we move !

Gustavo is busy teaching marionette making to the Dolphins and Sharks. Gustavo has worked with puppetry, theatre and set design, mask making and traditional dance for over 23 years. He is also involved in the Heart of the Beast Theatre May Day Parade held yearly in Powderhorn park just down the street. Gustavo brings a wealth of experience to Urban Arts and the marionette class is sure to produce amazing results!

Angela is channelling Rube Goldberg in her "Chain Reactions" class. The Starfish and Polar Bears are creating small to large scale chain reactions with blocks, marbles, wheels and whatever they can get their hands on! Think what you used to do with dominoes as a kid, but much more intricate, colorful and experimental. Angela showed us all a really cool video of two artists, David Weiss and Peter Fischli who make their living creating chain reactions, check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U82eWptFxSs

The Sharks and Dolphins are learning the science behind catapults with Tou. The catapult may seem ancient or outdated but it needs no gas or fuel to power itself, how green and 21st century! The catapult class teaches us about the mechanics behind the catapult. We learn words like velocity and distance, which play a big part in physics equations, while building and having fun!

The Polar Bears and Starfish are using their art history knowledge to re-create large scale paintings with Elisa. Jackson Pollack and Kara Walker are two extremely brilliant and talented artists who are acting as the inspiration for us this week. We made large scale splatter paintings just like Pollack and we will be creating dynamic body silhouette paintings. Each of these artists capture two different kinds of movement in their work; the movement of the artist's hand/gesture and the anatomic shape and movement of the body's silhouette.

Don't forget about Family Night this Thursday! Just read yesterday's post for more information.

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