Monday, July 27, 2009

The World in which We Live

Its here, everybody, and all too soon - the final week of Urban Arts Summer Camps! This week's theme is "The World in which We Live". All week we will be creating art that can ONLY be made here in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

It's the Starfish's turn to venture downtown with their black and white film cameras to capture images of the city. They will be developing the film themselves, learning about photography as well as the images of the city.

The Dolphins will be spending the week at Powderhorn Park, creating sculptures out of clay found locally.

Sharks and Polar Bears will be spending part of their time this week cooking food native to Minnesota. When not cooking, the groups will be doing some filmmaking.

It's a busy week for everyone as we wrap up Urban Arts Summer Camps. Everyone has made wonderful artwork, learned new skills, made new friends, and had an overall grand time!

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